About Us

What it IS:

This is a podcast. It’s full of sarcasm, rants, criticism, walks on the beach, and lousy humor. Well maybe not walks on the beach.

I’m tired of people on podcasts and forums getting flamed for not likeing something about the show, so I decided to start a podcast that covers the “bad” stuff that no body else wants to talk about.

Email me an audio or text comment if you want to be on the show.

And before you ask…YES I am a fan of the show. Downright fanatic. Trust me, you don’t want to call me on a Wednesday night if there is a new episode on.

What it is NOT:

This is not a place to get cutting edge LOST news.

This is not a support group. If you email me, you’ll most likely get made fun of.

This is not a place to learn about my personal life. You can do that by going to my blog but beware of heavy sarcasm and tech rants (don’t say I didn’t warn you).